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Ever felt too exhausted to drive yourself to a salon? That you just want to go home and spend your rest day with family and friends? So you just let the weekend pass without pampering yourself – leaving your nails and hair undone, and your body feeling stressed out.

Well, we understand you! At Azza Beauty, we know that you’re too busy, and that when you get a limited resting time, you just want to stay at home with your loved ones rather than spending a whole 8 hours at a beauty salon in Dubai.

Azza Beauty offers its clients the best of both worlds! And that is being able to have the salon experience right at the comfort of your home. With us, you don’t have to drag yourself to visit a beauty salon because we are always on-the-go to provide you with personalized home services that will surely leave you looking great and feeling rejuvenated.

Specializing and focusing in providing home service salon in Dubai, Azza Beauty can come to you wherever you are in the UAE! From head to toe, our professional staff is fully committed to giving you the highest quality of home services salon possible. All of them are well experienced and fully trained with the latest trends and techniques in the salon and spa arena. Apart from bringing you a truly satisfying, world-class pampering experience, our dedicated team uses beauty treatments from brands like L’Oréal, RICA, and CASMARA.

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